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Audio Training: How to Thrive Even if You’re Feeling Burned Out 

“We are working so hard, running ragged, I just don’t know how we can do anymore” This is a common theme today. Dental Professionals have been pushed to the limit during the pandemic and burnout is becoming a real thing. As a result, we tend to pull back, fearful to attempt to change anything for fear of revolt. In this audio training, Dr. John Meis and Wendy Briggs break down this fear and share strategies for success during times of crisis.

Audio Training: How I More Than Doubled my Production in a Small Town in Wyoming

The day that Dr. Nate Lester closed on his first dental practice, the retiring Dentist handed him the keys, a patient was numb in the chair, and he walked out the door. Dr. Lester shares the story and path he took going from $0 to $600,000 and from $600,000 to $4.3M and how you can follow the same path. He opens the door and shares exactly what he did.

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Example Flow Chart for the Same-Day Dentistry System

The Practice Success Loop

8 Secrets of Their Success (in-depth case studies from around the country)

The 3 Biggest Frustrations in Dentistry and How to Solve Them

The 3 Roles of Hygiene

The 3 Secrets of High-Performing Dental Teams

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